Al Basma Al Beeiya (Ecological Footprint)

Partner – EWS-WWF

The Living Planet Report 2006 brought the news that the UAE had a very high per capita Ecological Footprint. At its simplest and starkest, it means we’re consuming food, fibre, energy and other goods and services at a faster rate than the planet earth can naturally absorb and support. This lifestyle is not sustainable in the long term, particularly as the country’s population grows.

The UAE Government has gone to great lengths to understand the concept, how it is calculated, and to vigorously search and employ options for reducing the UAE Footprint.

As part of this, the Al Basma al Beeiya (Ecological Footprint) Initiative was launched in October 2007. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Water and sponsored by AGEDI, its additional partners include the Emirates Wildlife Society – WWF and the Global Footprint Network. (links to each partner page)

The Initiative addressed five main areas: > Data collection and verification to work towards a representative and robust UAE Footprint

> Science and research into understanding the main drivers of our high Footprint

> Policy analysis to work towards managing the UAE Footprint at a sustainable level

> Capacity building to ensure the institutionalization of sustainability tools such as the Ecological Footprint in decision making

> Awareness and outreach among all sectors of society to help motivate immediate and lasting changes in UAE consumption.

Click here to visit the Ecological Footprint website.